Episode 8: The Mad Dog Killer's Girlfriend: Caril Ann Fugate

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In 1958, Nebraska was terrified by a spree killing so brutal, so atrocious that it seemed impossible to believe it was pulled off by...teenagers. When Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate were apprehended, she ran screaming to the cops, telling them he was going to kill her. He told them she was a killer, too.


Caril, by Ninette Beaver, B.K. Ripley, and Patrick Trese

Starkweather: The Story of a Mass Murderer by William Allen

“New Life is Redemption for Caril Ann Fugate, Who Still Claims Innocence in Killings,” The Daily Beast, June 27 2012

“Fugate recovering from injuries, but can't shake Starkweather legacy,” Lincoln Journal Star, January 21, 2014

Caril Ann Fugate Life After Trial (video clip)

The Starkweather Murders (video clip)


Stark Weather by Icky Blossoms

Sfyria Trio (intro and transition music)

Tori Telfer