Episode 13: Bloodsucking Broads! A Very Gory Halloween Special, Feat. Elizabeth Bathory, Mercy Brown, and Female Vampires Galore!

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Do female vampires exist? Are they bloodier than their male counterparts? And if the answer to those first two questions is yes: should we race to the grocery store RIGHT NOW to stock up on garlic?! Join me as we travel through the long, dark, decomposition-ridden history of female vampires, from ancient Assyrian myths to New England vampire panics to Hungarian countesses with bad reputations. We’ll talk about lady vamps in legend, in pop culture, and—eek!—in real life. Happy Halloween!


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“Guilty,” by Ruth Etting, via archive.org
“Ghost Surf Rock,” by Loyalty Freak Music via freemusicarchive.org

Tori Telfer